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You DON'T need to buy AdWords and drain your bank account...

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You DON'T need to do super expensive media buys...

You DON'T need to spend HOURS on social bookmarking...

You DON'T need to spend days submitting to link directories...

You DON'T need to build complicated RSS feeds...

You DON'T need to waste more time submitting to classified directories...

You DON'T need to beg webmasters to link to you...

You DON'T need buy expensive one way links...

You DON'T need any experience...

You DON'T need any technical skills...

You DON'T need to lift a finger because this software does all the work...

From: Howie Schwartz
RE: Automated Traffic

Dear Traffic Enthusiast,


his is NOT for the timid or faint of heart...

Only marketers who are in it to win it should read any further. And by winning I mean by any means legally possible.

Are you afraid of the dark side?

Are you afraid to get aggressive in your marketing?

Are you afraid of steam rolling your competition?

Are you afraid of being a winner?

Are you a panty-waist, candy-ass, cry-baby marketer that spends more times in forums crying "No fair they're cheating"?

If you said yes to any of the above, you might as well quit now and go back to the chicken coupe-- This is DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU. Do yourself a big favor and just leave now.

Now that we've weeded out the losers...


You see -- you are about to discover a new automated software that will put you squarely on the inside -- and that could equate to a staggering amount of free traffic for YOU.

And what's more, you're one of the first ones to know about this new traffic tool -- you're already ahead of your competition just by reading this today.

In fact, I have never revealed this traffic and backlink source in any of my tools before...

Because it's been one of my secret traffic stashes for over six months. But after some convincing by my team, I've decided to release this on a limited basis to a select few marketers that are not afraid to get aggressive.

And hey, let's face it...

If there is one thing you need as a successful online marketer -- it's traffic -- or more website traffic then you're getting today...

After all, it is one half of the very simple equation to online success: Product + Traffic = CASH!

The product part...

Well, that part is super easy...

Even if you have no product of your own to sell, within a couple quick minutes you could be signed up and ready to roll with an affiliate site that pays fat commissions for every sale you generate.

The traffic part...

Unfortunately for most -- getting traffic has not been so easy. In fact, for most, getting traffic, the kind of free targeted traffic that buys your stuff...

Well, that's been near impossible.

But you know you need it. And the thing is, web traffic just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Take a look at these growth stats...

With growth like this it only means one thing...

You need to get a piece of the action because the web keeps getting bigger and bigger.

And the only way to get FREE traffic is by building links. Thing is, with the web growing so fast you're gonna have to build more and more links as time goes by.

More links than your competition, if you want to out rank them...

Usually, this is a labor intensive chore. Not to mention the time and money it takes...

That is -- until NOW.

"Making Money Online Just Got So Ridiculously Easy That ANYONE Can Do It, Even Without Any Previous Experience Or Success..."

Imagine waking up tomorrow -- not to the sound of some irritating alarm clock that blares on and on at you to get out of bed and get off to work for more 9-5 grind...


Rather, imagine waking up whenever you're 100% TOTALLY rested, had a great night's sleep, and and you're ready to roll out of bed on your own...

Prepared to take on the day and all that it offers!

Now picture yourself strolling off to your kitchen and grabbing yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or morning juice before walking the 20 feet to your nice home office.

Next, you turn on your computer and begin logging into your accounts -- and you discover that your websites are getting hundreds and even thousands of unique visitors per day...

Buying what you're selling.

And your commission checks are getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER, each and every day.

Life is good. Money is no worry. You are your own boss.

And it all costs you NOTHING, because all that traffic -- well, that traffic is 100% FREE (and easy to get).

Sound like some wild fantasy? Well, this is not a fantasy -- in fact this could be YOUR reality very soon too!

"Easily Grab Staggering Amounts Of Free Traffic To Your Websites Any Time You Choose, At WILL!"

For the first time ever, this new software that quickly and easily grabs laser targeted website traffic with 4 clicks of the mouse is going to be revealed...

What's more...

I'm going to show you how to tap into this explosive new SOFTWARE before anyone else even knows about it...

And in a way that won't cost you anything at all -- not one red cent -- because this traffic...

Well, this traffic is 100% FREE.

... which means that your profits -- well your profits could be mind blowing.

But I must warn you...

This software has never been exposed ever before -- and it's incredibly potent...

As you may know I have a lot of private automation tools. Blackhat Hitman is my latest creation. It is NOT on the market or even in my lab. It is truly my own personal tool.

I use this tool to promote all of my internal sites. You get the power of everything I do to promote my own network of sites, to now promote yours for the first time ever.

"Sizzling Hot New Backlink Sources--"

Since we developed this software, we have been destroying it -- I mean killing it with free targeted traffic in any niche we want.

In fact, we make a game of going after highly targeted niches to kill out any competition and 'steal' all the free traffic we could ever want.

... recently my programmers cracked the "new code" -- and learned how to manipulate new backlink sources for extraordinary results -- results that are AUTOMATED thanks to our software.

And now, we've decided to let a few smart marketers in on these secrets -- we are gonna show you step by every single step how to beat Google at their own game...

... how to use this new software to dominate any niche you choose, grabbing ludicrous amounts of uber targeted website traffic anytime you want.

And the beauty is -- ANYONE can do this -- it's like taking candy from a baby it's so easy, once you know how to put the software to work for you.

So, what does this mean to you?

"Get In Now And Dominate... Grab As Much
Free Targeted Traffic As You Want, In
ANY Niche You Please..."

Introducing Blackhat Hitman:

Finally, you can...

Replace or even outpace the income from your current job faster than you could have ever possibly imagined! 

Build a complete autopilot business based on easy to get, ultra targeted web site traffic. You don't even have to pay for this traffic...

Plug into the largest undiscovered traffic and link sources on the planet today; there is zero competition to deal with -- thanks to Blackhat Hitman:

"Here's How It Works..."


STEP ONE- Start a new project and name it...


STEP TWO- Enter the URL you want to get traffic to...


STEP THREE- Click the button to have the software automatically enter your information...


STEP FOUR- Decide how aggressive you want to be and click start...


THAT'S IT, just four easy steps to automated traffic!

Just set it and forget it. It doesn't get any easier.

Also, you can promote as many URL's as you want every single month (Depending on how many credits you have). Don't worry if you only have a few URL's - this is great for marketers starting out to the most aggressive site builders.

You can get traffic for...

...Your own sales letters

...Your own squeeze pages

...Your own blogs with affiliate links

...The most important pages inside your site (Deep linking strategy)

...Articles you've posted

...Youtube videos you've posted

...Any web 2.0 sites like Squidoo ETC

...Any place you want traffic!

"Where does the traffic come from..."

This tool does all the work that MUST BE DONE if you want free traffic. You only have two options...

Do the work yourself...

Or put Blackhat Hitman to work for you.

Blackhat Hitman does the most important work for getting free traffic. It automatically gets tons links from these secret sources most people never think about...

As I said before, this has nothing to do with...

... submitting to link directories...

... building complicated RSS feeds...

... submitting to classified directories...

... begging webmasters to link to you...

... buying expensive one way links...

... building link farms or link wheels...

Now, I can't reveal all the sources here on this page. Because if I did then everyone else would start to copy what we're doing and that wouldn't be fair to you.

Also, we don't want certain search engines knowing what we're up to. If they did these tactics would become less effective.

What I can say is we're tapping into every link source we know of. Some you might know about, but I can guarantee there are many you don't.

"In fact, we've taken every traffic tool we've ever created and rolled everything into one well oiled machine --PLUS-- we built it to include our
newest sources for unlimited traffic!"

Rest assured, this is DEADLY effective... Because of the fact that very few people and the search engines know about this tactic.

This tool streamlines what would take you days and turns it into minutes!

And also, since the whole process is AUTOMATED, it's about as easy as falling off a log to put it to work for you. Actually, it's easier!

What's more is I've never released this tool or traffic source before. This has been one of my closely guarded secrets for the last year.

I had never planned on releasing this, but now I feel it's time. But this is for serious marketers only who aren't afraid of being aggressive.

"Why is this Blackhat?"

Listen, don't let the word "Blackhat" scare you. Like I said in the beginning it's all about doing what works and being aggressive.

That's the difference between marketers that are in it to win and those that run and hide at the site of their own shadow.

There is nothing illegal about what we do. It's all about getting what we want as quickly as possible.

See, if you want to be like most other pansy marketers, go ahead and do everything the hard way to get traffic. Go ahead and wait for eons to see just one measly click to your websites, if any at all.

But if you want traffic fast, and as quickly as possible, you gotta get aggressive and automate. After all, you didn't start online marketing to wait years to see results right?

And if you're still afraid of the word "Blackhat"... you can control how aggressively you want Blackhat Hitman to go for you. YOU'RE IN CONTROL.

Also, this software links to a private network of 400 special sites Google loves. I can't reveal exactly what in this letter because then the whole world would know and that wouldn't be fair to you.

Basically, you're getting organic traffic by building links and moving up in the search engines.

Rest assured, this simply works. As you saw in the headline we have promoted 708,158 URL's and generated 60,387,536 one way backlinks. This software is ROCK SOLID.

"First Mover Advantage..."

Originally I was not going to release this to the public. It works so well that I was going to just keep quietly using it within my team to keep getting all the free traffic I ever wanted.

But then as I saw how well this works I decided why not let a few savvy marketers in on my little secret. So I decided to create this group.


Because I want your case studies and testimonials. That way when I do a full public release I can charge top dollar. But as you'll see in a few moments you'll be getting the deal of a lifetime.

This also means that as a new member you get to harness the power of Blackhat Hitman before anyone else in the world!

"The Cold Hard Truth Is That You've Just
Stumbled Upon The Solution That Could
Change Your Life For Good..."

I don't think you can argue that traffic is one half of the simple formula for online success...

But until now, most marketers simply didn't know how to go about getting that traffic without spending a fortune for it, and even buying it was never a guarantee of success.

Now, thanks to Blackhat Hitman, you can easily get as much targeted traffic as you can handle -- and the beauty is...

You'll get it ALL FOR FREE!!!

If you've been hoping for a proven method for driving traffic to your sites so you can sell more, get more commissions, and generate more income...

So you can free up your time to truly enjoy your life then Blackhat Hitman is exactly what you've been looking for.

This software is so easy to use -- even if you have no previous experience...

Yes, this system for beating Google at their own game and dominating markets at will could very well change your life!

This software hands you the keys to dominating Google by exploiting new link sources for getting staggering amounts of free targeted traffic.

Nothing is left to chance -- you just follow the steps me and my team have laid out for you and you'll see how easy it is to achieve rankings and traffic.

However... that's not all.

Free traffic is only the beginning... what you're really getting here is an online income generating machine...

The kind of thing you can set up and leave running, generating you hefty checks while you're out enjoying your new life...

And really, that's what we all want isn't it -- the money to enjoy our time...

Yes, it's the freedom of mind -- the financial freedom that Blackhat Hitman allows that makes this so darn valuable.

"Ok Howie, So How Much Is Blackhat Hitman
Going To Cost To Join Today?"

You probably want to know what the bottom line is -- and we'll get to that in just one second...

I'm going to reveal exactly how you can secure your membership to Blackhat Hitman for less than it cost me to make it. But only if you act right now...

But first, there's something I want you to understand...

Blackhat Hitman is a game changer...

If you want to change your life and start generating sales and huge commission checks for just following some simple directions, then this is exactly what you've been looking for.

No more job or money more wishing you could afford a better life...and most importantly, no more wishing you had more free time...

You'll have all the free time in the world to do all the things you ever wanted to do.

Blackhat Hitman is fast, easy, and anyone can do it, even if you have no previous experience or success..

And that's not even the best part...

The best part is, your purchase is completely protected by my iron-clad satisfaction guarantee:

"The Get Traffic Or It's Free 30 Day
Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee..."

Once you are onboard, take a full 30 days to test drive Blackhat Hitman. If you're not getting traffic, making money and or you're not satisfied with anything at all, just ask for a refund.

If during your first 30 days of using Blackhat Hitman, you're not happy with the software for ANY reason, then ask for your money back and you will get a full refund with no questions or hassles whatsoever.

AND, even if you do refund you still get to keep all the bonuses... just as my way of saying thanks for trying our software.

All you need to do is contact our dedicated support staff via our online help desk and we'll get everything taken care of ASAP.

I make this guarantee to you because I know that by giving this an honest attempt, I believe you will get all the free targeted traffic you want.

Again, test drive the program for a full 30 days, and if you're not getting traffic, making money or you're not satisfied with all your links, you can get a full refund, no questions asked during that 30 day period...

You'll will never find such an amazing guarantee anywhere.

This is 100% ZERO risk for you.

Why would I offer such a guarantee? Simple.

I am so incredibly confident in Blackhat Hitman that I'm happy to make it.


"What Would An Unlimited Amount Of
Targeted Traffic Be Worth To You?"

How much do you think it would be worth for someone to hand you a proven system for achieving fast rankings in any niche you please?

With that system I think we can both agree your income would be limited only by your own imagination. I mean... we're talking about UNLIMITED income potential here.

But, how much is it really worth to you to be handed the exact software for fast and easy targeted traffic that is not available anywhere else?

Because that's exactly what you're getting with Blackhat Hitman-- you'll simply enter your information into the program and YOU"RE DONE.

I could easily charge over $1000 for this and it would be worth that -- and more! This program is like money in your pocket.

Even if you're lazy and only use the software once, when you begin grabbing the all that free traffic and start getting sales and commissions, you'll see how amazing this really is.

So, yes, $1000 would be more than fair for this life changer. But, I'm not asking anything even close to $1000.

Not even close to that...

"This Software Was Engineered To Get You As Much
Free Targeted Traffic As You Can Handle..."


Nobody else is doing this yet -- hell, nobody else even knows about it, much less has the ability to show you how to automate it..

This is groundbreaking, cutting edge software that will transform you into a traffic generating machine, using brand new link sources to dominate Google and get fast rankings in any market you please.

And I want to make it VERY easy for you to ge started today -- to become one of the lucky few members with the insider software to make this happen.

So (for a limited time) here is what I decided to do...

I've put together 3 different packages depending on how much traffic you want...


Blackhat Hitman SILVER

10,000 Links A Month

Here's how this works... you get 10,000 credits to use in Blackhat Hitman every month. That's enough links to get a good start to getting free traffic.

These URL's can be your own sites, affiliate sites, articles, videos, free blogs, web 2.0 properties, squeeze pages... basically anything on the web that you want to send free traffic too.

Note- These credits do not roll over into the next month. You must use them every month. And why not? The more you use the more traffic you get!

The super low price for this package is just $29 a month! That comes to just $0.0029 per credit/link to fully blast FREE traffic to any of your URL's every month!

You can easily cancel this membership at any time...

Listen, if your websites are not worth this low price to send targeted free traffic to and save thousands of hours of your time, you really should not even call yourself a marketer.

Seriously, it doesn't get any easier than this...


Better deal...

Blackhat Hitman GOLD

27,000 Links A Month

Here's how this works... you get 27,000 credits to use in Blackhat Hitman every month. That's enough links to really start getting serious about your traffic.

These URL's can be your own sites, affiliate sites, articles, videos, free blogs, web 2.0 properties, squeeze pages... basically anything on the web that you want to send free traffic too.

Note- These credits do not roll over into the next month. You must use them every month. And why not? The more you use the more traffic you get!

The super low price for this package is just $44 a month! That comes to just $0.0016 per credit/link to fully blast FREE traffic to any of your URL's every month!

You can easily cancel this membership at any time...

Listen, if your websites are not worth this low price to send targeted free traffic to and save thousands of hours of your time, you really should not even call yourself a marketer.

Seriously, it doesn't get any easier than this...

YES- I want the gold package!


Best deal...

Blackhat Hitman PLATINUM

103,000 Links A Month

Here's how this works... you get 103,000 credits to use in Blackhat Hitman every month. That's enough links to go full tilt boogie and start getting MASSIVE TRAFFIC to tons of URL's.

These URL's can be your own sites, affiliate sites, articles, videos, free blogs, web 2.0 properties, squeeze pages... basically anything on the web that you want to send free traffic too.

Note- These credits do not roll over into the next month. You must use them every month. And why not? The more you use the more traffic you get!

The super low price for this package is just $97 a month! That comes to just $0.0007 per credit/link to fully blast FREE traffic to any of your URL's every month!

You can easily cancel this membership at any time...

Listen, if your websites are not worth this low price to send targeted free traffic to and save thousands of hours of your time, you really should not even call yourself a marketer.

Seriously, it doesn't get any easier than this...

YES- I want the platinum package!

But, you'd better order quickly...

Because the final spots are almost gone.

If you're one of the next few  people to get Blackhat Hitman you'll also gain access to these powerful bonuses that when combined with Blackhat Hitman will skyrocket your traffic stats...

Limited Fast Mover Bonuses-

Complete "Hitman's" Guide To Massive Underground Traffic

Here's the scoop...

We have 6 internal proprietary reports reviewing and outlining the tools and tactics we personally use on our team. These reports have never been released. In fact, only our outsourcers have ever seen these to help us train them.

They reveal the insider info about what we use to aggressively to get mad traffic to our sites. They are the culmination of MONTHS of testing and searching to find what works.

Volume 1 is the main guide to Black Hat marketing. In this you will discover 25 tactics that when used properly, can get you a boatload of traffic fast.

Volume 2 is our PRIVATE resource list of black hat forums and blogs that we frequent - great for ideas and tools. It's totally under the radar stuff that every aggressive money maker needs to get their hands on.

Volume 3 and 4 are all about the Blackhat tools we use. We had to split this into 2 sections because of the enormous amount of information they contain.

Volume 5 is a bonus- It's called Essential SEO Tools. These are the best tools we've found to get top search engine rankings while not being overly aggressive. These are perfect if black hat marketing makes you a bit nervous.

Volume 6 is also a bonus called SEO Best Practices. It complements volume 5 and gives you the guidelines for top SEO rankings in today's world.

And today, I want to offer you all the information we spent months compiling so you can put them to work for you.

But first, a warning...

We use these tools very aggressively. Because we like lots of traffic really fast. Some would call it black hat or gray hat.

If that makes you nervous you can turn down the heat so to speak. It all depends on how fast you want results.

But, the only real way to get into multiple affiliate markets and scale fast is with this kind of aggressive automation. You can't be afraid to get your hands a little dirty and you must be willing to push the boundaries.

Listen, even if you are too squeamish to be aggressive, you still need to understand these tactics. Because if you don't do it, your competition might. And if they start stealing your rankings you should at least know what's going on.

This alone is a $497.00 value.



Explosive Backlinks

In this course you'll discover...

How to solidify top rankings in the search engine with powerful backlink campaigns!

The fastest way of building authority backlinks for unlimited, quality traffic!

Secrets to total niche domination with the "backlink reverse" method!

How to swipe "link juice" from established websites in your niche for massive traffic!

Fast action techniques for skyrocketing your traffic absolutely free with rock solid backlinks!

And so much more!

VALUE- $49.95



Get More Backlinks

In this course you'll discover...

Discover the #1 strategy for generating prime traffic to your website by exploiting FREE online resources that take less than 14 minutes to set up! - See Page 9

Build massive mailing lists of fresh, hungry prospects by setting up and activating this one strategy that is guaranteed to flood your squeeze page with laser-targeted subscribers EVERY single time you use it! - Do NOT miss the strategy on Page 25

Learn the insider strategies of pro marketers who are able to launch their websites to the masses without ever having to pay for a single lead! - MUST READ! - Page 29

Discover how you can build instant brand awareness and authority in your niche market, even if you are a brand new online marketer! - See Page 37

Maximize your online income by funneling in more traffic than your server can handle just by replicating my winning strategy that takes only 16 minutes a day! - See Page 41

And so much more!

VALUE- $49.95



Push Button Blog System

In this course you'll discover...

Discover how to set up powerful blogs that are instantly optimized for top search engine rankings without ever having to hire a SEO specialist or fiddle around with HTML! (If you can copy and paste, you can have an automated cash generating websites within a few short days!)

Learn the shocking reasons why so many fail miserably when trying to build a profitable blogging network and how you can guarantee that every blog you create is widely successful!

Find out how you can add instant "cash buttons" to your website that will TRIPLE your existing income and set your blog on complete overdrive! These strategies are some of the hottest cash methods ever used by top bloggers!

Insider secrets to monetizing blogs is blown WIDE open! I leave absolutely nothing out! You will know everything the pro bloggers know about making money with laser targeted, high profit blogs!

We reveal how easy it is to monetize your blogs in minutes! Generate steady profits from multiple channels at once!

How to set up blogs that are guaranteed to be profitable! There is no sense in risking your time or money setting up blog networks on themes or topics that won't produce results. I will show you how to choose winning markets every single time!

And so much more!

VALUE- $49.95


YES, I want AUTOMATED traffic in FOUR mouse clicks!

"Grab An Immediate Competitive Advantage And Get Easy Rankings And Fast Traffic Using This Covert Software Before The Rest Of The World..."

Blackhat Hitman uses little known sources for fresh backlinks that allows you to achieve rankings on all your money keywords -- in any niche you please.

This means an immediate flood of super targeted traffic...

... and what's better than that -- this is traffic that you don't pay for -- it's totally FREE.

... which means your profits will shoot through the roof, and which allows you the financial freedom to live life the way you always dreamed you would.

No boss...

No alarm clock each day...

No morning and evening commute...

Just you...

Your free traffic...

And more online sales and cash than you know what to do with.

This software is BRAND NEW so nobody else knows about it. And that's why I've limited the amount of folks I'll give access to. Watch and be amazed as you catapult past your competition and begin achieving rankings above them -- FAST.

And all you have to do to get started is click the secure order button below to grab instant access to Blackhat Hitman, completely risk free today!

YES, I want AUTOMATED traffic in FOUR mouse clicks!

To your success,

Howie Schwartz

PS: Automate thousands of hours of work to get FREE TARGETED TRAFFIC before anyone else as a new member-- Nobody else knows about this stuff yet. This potent software could place you WAY ahead of anyone else. But you have to act now:

YES, I want AUTOMATED traffic in FOUR mouse clicks!

PPS: You ever wish you could get an insider tip... get a secret money strategy that nobody else knows about... well, it's right here -- now you have the chance to be on the inside looking out. Finally all the targeted traffic you could ever want is right here in front of you -- with Blackhat Hitman, you'll be able to DOMINATE Google all you want and explode your traffic and income!

YES, I want AUTOMATED traffic in FOUR mouse clicks!

PPPS: You risk nothing today and you have my personal iron-clad, bullet proof, 100% 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Try Blackhat Hitman risk free for 30 days -- I am confident that once you get this in your hands you won't EVER want to let it out of your grip... but if for ANY reason within 30 days you're not totally satisfied just email me for a hassle free refund in full and still keep all the bonuses.

YES, I want AUTOMATED traffic in FOUR mouse clicks!




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